Here are just a few Links for you to view should you have a
moment! I do have a dedicated profile page on some social media
platforms. However, it's worth bearing in mind, if you should try
and contact me via these sites, the chances are your letters may not
get answered for a while. This is simply down to the lack of time
I have to devote to these other sites! My goodness, I wish I did!

I do NOT use Instant Messenger, again I'm emphasising this, as
it's impossible for me to keep up with the messages that flood my
in box! In fact, writing to anyone in real time actually enhances
the pressure for a response! My experience with real time
messaging doesn't leave any room for people to understand
that I do have other commitments, and I'm not glued to my
mobile phone! It's crazy!

I made the decision to NOT download Apps for Twitter or
Facebook, for that very reason! I would literally never get
anything produced! I much prefer the formal route of
email, that way I can respond properly without pressure!


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