• All Time American Girl!
  • Breathless on the Beach!
  • Sexy in Lingerie!
  • Super Sexy!
  • Seductive and Sexy!
  • Simply Breath-taking!
All Time American Girl!1 Breathless on the Beach!2 Sexy in Lingerie!3 Super Sexy!4 Seductive and Sexy!5 Simply Breath-taking!6

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For all who have been waiting to feast your eyes over My latest Erotic Pics!
With a fantastic variety of crystal clear digital photos in FULL resolution, to whet
your appetite, get your juices flowing and enjoy!

With each set of Tease Erotica, you will have the opportunity to play on video the full gallery!

Each set of photos have been put into a zip folder, so that you are able to download the FULL size!
Why not select your favourite Tease Erotica image to use as your wallpaper, screen saver, or
simply have one printed off for your own personal use!

I will add photos to this page regularly. Keep watching!



WOW, what a day it's been as the sizzling HOT sun shines over England, creating the perrrfect day for Tennis!

Balls Please!!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Black skin tight, figure hugging lycra body suit with 6 inch black stiletto killer heels!

WOW, what a combination, as I set out to tease, torment and seduce you! I want you to have the most cum dripping,
cum spluttering intense suffering you've ever experienced! Pleasure and pain rolled into one!

Ok, I take the pleasure, and you take the unbearable pain as your cock throbs while playing yo yo!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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Mid morning, time to advise my secretary to hold all calls as I take a well earned break!

Now where is my favourite purple vibrator, ahhh yes right where I left it!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

HOT and SEXY as the Soldier Babe, striptease in the woods!



I do love a Sizzling HOT soak in a candlelit bath, with sensual fragrances, and floating petals,
and Ooops, My faithful, loyal friend "Double Ended Dildo!" Aahhh, something to really satisfy My insatiable appetite!


Horses grazing in the paddocks, coppice woodland, oak trees and ME!

WOW, I do find it highly erotic when I'm outside in the gorgeous countryside while exposing my naked body!
But then again, I am a bit of an exhibitionist and I do love the fresh air filling my lungs while looking up at the gorgeous blue sky
while I dream of being serviced by a gorgeous HUNK with a fit body! Oh how the mind works!

* * * * * * * * * * * * START VIEWING NOW THE GALLERY SLIDE SHOW * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Mmm...... the HEAT from the glorious sun feels sooo good on my silky skin!
Being lazy in the garden has it's benefits, and as I slowly slip off my skirt and top my mind begins to
drift into a whet dreamy foreplay, while I fondle My succulent erect nipples and juicy pussy!

After a superb lazy day soaking up the HEAT from the glorious sun, it was time to take a
sizzling HOT shower! WOW, I love using the detachable hose as it really hits the G Spot with sensational results!

Cum inside and witness the positions I get myself into while taking a shower!


WOW, these are simply stunning from every angle as I take a dip in the sea!
Naturally, you will see just how erect my nipples became, having immersed them in the ice cool water!

In celebration of American Independence Day!
Here I am in Stars and Stripes as an all time American Girl, posing in the Stables!!!!


Going blonde was simply babilicious, sexy and super HOT!
I loved the blonde Amazon look, incredibly sexy, feisty and vivacious!


A SEXY photo shoot while oiled up in my sizzling HOT bikini!
Here you will see my shapely curves accentuated with this striking number!

I had a wonderful day in Paris dressed in exquisite leather!
Lunch at Les Ombres Restaurant, opposite the Eiffel Tower finishing with a superb
trip to the Palais Garnier, enjoying the breath taking views of the stunning Opera House!


Re-creating the gorgeous style of Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard!

Taking a bucket of soapy water and giving my car a thorough going over, while
dressed in my denim thong shorts, floral crop top and my exquisite leather stiletto boots!



Stripping down slowly and seductively while oiled up in the woods!
This set of highly erotic images were taken just after a long workout, so my muscles look more defined!


Cum on guys, who adores those fully fashioned Nylon Seamed Stockings!
Another of my favourite styles that's both incredibly provocative and stimulating!


I simply adore Sexy Lacy Lingerie that show off my Super HOT curves!
The soft pink lighting gives a cool seductive feel, creating an aphrodisiac ambiance!


I'm ready for ACTION!!!

Super glossy lustrous Lips, heavily applied eye make-up
with my hair pulled back into a severe pony-tail, gives a striking look!

The special purple lighting affects sets the mood for one incredible photo shoot!


Dita Von Teese Style, Exquisite Satin, Leather Gloves and Crotch Leather Stiletto Boots!
It's a Betty Paige moment, as I pose seductively between the pink Blossom!


Sexy, Seductive and Super Stunning Leather!
A tantilising combination, as I strip between the gorgeous blossom around me!



Highly provocative glossy crimson lips, long scarlet fingernails and patent red stilettos!
A superb combination to whet your appetite as you feast your eyes over these stunning photos!


The Disciplinarian, dressed in killer stiletto boots, red glossy lips, and leather pencil skirt!
Incredibly thought provoking, stimulating and SEXY!


Super High Gloss PVC, stunning and SEXY in every way!


I have a real Fetish for exquisite Leather Gloves, from long to short and everything
in between! How do you like the way I've positioned those red and white leather gloves!!!



Mmm...... just what the doctor ordered!!!
In my tantilising SEXY red nurses uniform, ready to take care of my patient!



Another SEXY outfit in exquisite leather showing off my assets!



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