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Feast your eyes over my high res Fetish Erotica images!

Stunning outdoor visual delights, from bathing in crystal waters
to taking a sizzling HOT power shower, to basking in the glorious
summer sun! Imagine massaging coconut oil into my toned bronzed
body! These images are very different to FemDomme BDSM!



Here are just a few of my favourite images, each one is from a full set,
which you can view in a professional gallery, along with a picture movie
for each. There are some unique movies in HD to get you very HOT
under your crisp collar, and wet between your strong and desirable thighs!

It's not just about brandishing a whip, while my submissive gentleman
endures my wickedly devilish FemDomme Arts. Of course I do love to slip
into my stunning leather outfits, complemented by my stiletto boots, and
leather gloves, or indeed my figure hugging Equestrian attire with cream
coloured jodhpurs, vintage spurs and Tweed jacket with riding boots!

Tease Erotica is the crème de la crème of Fetish Desires! It's the Art of
seduction, stimulating all the senses, passionately and fervently!

As you will see from the selection of images in the background of this
page, they're all to tease your mind, thus torment your muscle! I love to
sensually tease myself, making every little moment last for eternity!

Why bother if you're just looking for a quick fix, to get it over and done
with? Seriously, it's all about prolonging the enjoyment, making those
wonderful tingling feelings last. Bringing in all the senses until the
moment you are really ready to explode! Now that's intense!

Do ensure you scroll down the entire page, and don't forget this site is
only a small part of what comes under the entire package of your subscription!

When you sign up, it will take you through to my main website. Gosh how
the site continues to grow and expand with so much content! And, NEVER do I
run out of ideas! They just keep on coming!!! So, crack on, get reading, and look
at each image with interest, oh that's right, I'm here to get deep inside your mind!

Always remember, the mind IS the most powerful tool one has!

I'll make sure you use it wisely!

There's a lot to go through, especially once you enter my personal members
area! I'm the only one behind this site, so you really are serving ME ONLY!
I will make sure you remain busy for many, many long hours!

The Question is: Can you handle it all?


Sizzling HOT Shots!

Sensual, erotic, sassy and seductive! These are just a few chosen words to describe the way
I love to feel when I am teasing you! Every little detail is highlighted in my images and
movies, from my Fetish attire to the way I describe my sessions, to the locations and
equipment I use! One of our greatest joys in life is being able to feel so sexual in the way
we dress, even if it's popping out to the shop! It makes a difference when I spend time
working out, while maintaining a healthy diet, in order for me to keep in shape!

I will always appreciate the many superlatives used to describe my poses, and
of course, the many stunning outfits I wear! If it makes me feel good, you will see
it in me, and you will feel good when you feast your eyes over my content.

This site doesn't get any more personal than this! Being the Temptress, Seductress,
Goddess, and Lady of the Manor, teasing your body, heart and soul, making you
feel so good about yourself while you're with me! There are many ways to crack
a nut without taking the direct route, and you'll receive so much more fun along
the way! It's all about taking your time, and enjoying every little detail, right
down to the jewellery I wear, and the outfits I slip in and out of!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A Taste of Summer!

Many have thought I'm a slightly different version of Daisy Duke, from the
very old movie Dukes of Hazzard! Great television series, with Daisy as
the super sexy cousin of Bo and Luke from the 1980's! What an era!

It's a real compliment for me to be told I look like Daisy Duke!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A Lazy Afternoon in the Garden!

This particular set was shot during a glorious mid summer's Day, the
temperature reached into the high 80's, and whilst I had my body laced
in silky coconut oil, I had a hose ready to cool my HOT body down!

The sprinkling certainly had the desired effect, and my rather
erect nipples were so evident to see! Mmm I have a feeling
something else will be standing to attention when you feast
your eyes over them! There really is no place like home!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Bikini Delights!

Another smoking HOT bikini set, with my body laced in oil, while I
relaxed on a beautifully soft wool rug. Mmm . . . all I need now is a man's
nimble fingers to work their magic on my toned body! I have the oil right
here for you to start massaging my tired legs, thighs, oh and your tongue
will be useful just above the thighs! Just reach a little further, oh you've
hit the spot. Oh my, yes you are very good with your tongue!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Amazon and Fiery!

WOW oh WOW yes I did indeed visit my delightful and charming hairdresser,
who is super amazing with his hands, and he worked his magic on my hair!

I stayed blonde for about a year, and I must admit I had a lot of fun with it!

But, I'm very happy to be back to my natural brunette shade, not to mention
keeping my hair this gorgeous honey shade, was high maintenance!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


4th July!

A vintage look, sexy, sassy, and sensually seductive!

This particular set was shot in my large stable full of straw and
hay! I'm adorned in my cream coloured jodhpurs, and sexy American
bikini with 6 inch red patent stiletto heels! This was also shot as a
POV movie! The dim lighting gives the overall appearance of warmth
with charm. I'm almost coming to the end of my blonde days!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Sexy Lingerie!

My photographer captured a moment of passion and seduction, focusing on
my silky red lips, deep cleavage and sexy boots. Although you cannot see them
in this image. I'm wearing crotch leather boots with lace detail! A real WOW!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


There are literally thousands of images to work your way through and
many hours of Erotic movies that are more for those who are not into hard
Bondage, Discipline, Masochism and Sadism. It's not everyone's cup of tea!


If you would like to write to me, make sure you send your letter to




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